Connectivity Engineer - 2 Openings!

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Annapolis Junction, MD
Job Type
Direct Hire
Jul 11, 2018
Job ID
Req#: NET000000682

  • Performs network design implementation, maintenance, and sustainment of existing networks; Implements and sustains Wide Area Networks (WANs), Campus Area Networks (CANs), Data Center Networks/Interfaces (DCN/DCI), Network Security (NETSEC) and Tactical/Deployable Networking Systems.
  • Analyzes design, specifications, and related documents.
  • Implements communication system requirements to support the distributed functionality of a networked enterprise environment.
  • Analyzes network characteristics (e.g. traffic connect time, transmission speeds, packet sizes and throughput), troubleshoots problems and recommends modification of network configurations.
  • Seven (7) years' experience in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity is required.
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering from an accredited college or university is required. Four (4) years of additional network engineering experience may be substituted for a bachelors degree.
  • Implement specific network solutions to support server requirements to include load-balancing, VPN's, firewall contexts, and network address translation (NAT) where appropriate.
  •  Minimize network latency and maximize data throughput.
  • Validate new and existing dataflow and data formats.
  • Resolve complex network problems, operate network analyzers, WAN test equipment, and network simulators.
  • Perform site surveys, system installations, configuration management, maintenance, modernization, and sustainment of a global Enterprise Network.
  • Perform Connectivity Engineering Services to pre and post deployment tests.
  • Perform security testing and design evaluations.
  • Employ Government standards to configure the interconnects between data centers, networks, and security boundaries.
  • Draft technical requirements, configuration management, and planning documentation.
  • Perform QC, QA, and CM services.
  • Design, integrate, configure, deploy, test, and maintain numerous types of network devices, interfaces and technologies to include VPN, VRF, VSS, BGP and OSPF routing, and VLAN.
  • Optimize end-to-end system performance (capacity, margins, data quality, etc.) and dataflow management.
  • Configure and optimize the network to connect various front-end and back-end components.
  • Coordinate with the system engineering and dataflow efforts to ensure proper mission operations to minimize down time.
  • Facilitate the implementation of high-speed, scalable, fault-tolerant network topologies as applicable to WAN and LAN design.
  • Lead large efforts of dynamic requirements and scale.
  • Work with System engineers, customers, and cross-organizational teams to refine requirements.
  • Coordinate with appropriate dataflow organizations and end-customer recipients to mitigate potential adverse impacts on system-wide dataflow.
SECURITY:  Per Government and position requirements, prior to position start date, candidate must possess an active high level DoD security clearance with polygraph

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