Reverse Engineer

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San Antonio, TX
Job Type
Direct Hire
Jul 11, 2018
Job ID
Req#: SHE000000778

Job Summary:

Under general direction, formulates and defines specifications for complex operating software programming applications or modifies/maintains complex existing applications using engineering releases and utilities from the manufacturer. Designs, codes, tests, debugs, and documents those programs. Responsible for applications dealing with the overall operating system, such as sophisticated file maintenance routines, large telecommunications networks, computer accounting, and advanced mathematical/scientific software packages. Competent to work at this highest technical level on all phases of software systems programming applications. May have responsibility for the evaluation of new and existing software products. May assist other systems programmers to effectively utilize the system's technical software.



  • Develop custom software which create effects based on government/stakeholder requirements
  • Refine pre-existing code into production grade software based on government/stakeholder requirements
  • Identify vulnerabilities in software and hardware
  • Analyze and reverse engineer software and hardware systems based on government/stakeholder requirements
  • Develop tools to detect, analyze and neutralize malicious logic traveling through the Global Information Grid
  • Develop software utilities that assist in managing network resources.
  • Develop tools to capture, analyze and neutralize network and host-based attack methodologies and unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Document all phases of software development throughout the lifecycle
  • Review and coordinate documentation with government/stakeholders for software developed
  • Research and document technologies identified by the Government.
  • Provide developed capability demonstrations


  • 8 years of demonstrated malware reverse engineering.
  • Coding languages (C, C++, Java, C#)
  • Scripting languages (Python, PowerShell, etc.)
  • Assembly (x86, x86_64, ARM)
  • Memory forensics (Volatility Framework, etc.)
  • Sandbox / Virtualized environment instrumentation (Cuckoo, etc.)
  • Cyber threat intelligence experience
  • Signature development (YARA, BRO, SNORT, etc.)
  • Experience with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware
  • Static analysis using IDApro (Must specify alternatives)
  • Dynamic analysis (WinDBG, GDB, etc.)
  • Network analysis (Wireshark, etc.)
Security: Per Government and position requirements, prior to position start date, candidate must possess an active high level DoD security clearance with polygraph

"The management staff are outstanding and have done a great job of making me feel like I'm more than just a number."
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